Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Day 01 – Introduce yourself

I am a dental assistant. Today I do not understand why I choosed this career at all. How much fun as it is to suck up saliva all day? Mess with unruly tongues? Chat with a borig old man, the dentist also my boss, who is just interested in golf? Or say go ahead and rinse your mouth the day out day in? It took me just about 30 years to understand. Understand what I'm passionate about. Today I know. It feels good. Really good.

When I was a bit lost in life a few years ago, I went to a shrink. My God, do you think. What a little sad little person she seems to be this woman. Perhaps a little broken in the heart, I would say. I went to the shrink cause he would give me some tools, so I could fix my heart. I remember very well when I with trembling legs got in the psychiatric clinic. Yes, you can hear for yourself, P-S-Y-C clinic. Well, I thought, now it's official, I am a madcap! I was so nervous when I annouced my arrival to the receptionist. She asked me to sit down in the waiting room. It was empty, I remember. Some pieces thumbed issues of the magazine Health was lying on the table. Mr Svensson I mumbled nervously to myself. It sounds like a safe and teddy bear kind uncle with bald, comfortable sandals and corduroy pants. Total harmless. And when the best looking man I've ever seen (yes, THE absolute nicest man) walks up to me and speaks my name I end up in shock. I just stared at this beautiful creature and could not make a sound, not a mine. An old bould man ... My psychologist was David Duchovny! I thought that if I should flee the field, so it is now. But I choosed not to flee the time. I swallowed hard and went with him into the room. And today we are married and have four wonderful children! Hahaha ... no, I'm just kidding. Why am I telling this? Maybe because it's part of my story. My last four years have been tumultuous. Some things I can not really put into words yet, but I probably will in the future. There are also some great things too. The wind has changed, as Scorpions sings.

Thank you for listening.

Go ahead and rinse your mouth!


  1. I love your blog!! Lots of beautiful pictures and entertaining text. Thank you!

    Love Tina Camden

  2. I never read something like this on the fashion blog...I think you are really brave and strong woman!It's extremely honest from you to write this piece about your life. I found it beautiful andit gives me a big respect tothe person who wrote it! And I like your idea about "days" post!;)))very intriguing. I'm following your blog!

    Ptsss, will you tell me how to make the hair like you have on the profilepicture?:))))