Thursday, 28 July 2011

Day 02 – Your first love

I was six years old and had just started kindergarten. I had never understood this thing about being in love with someone before. Oh heck of childish boys! Until I got to know Robert in my class. True, he was a boy but a very special one. He had curly hair. He used to pull my hair and he was the only one that I allowed to do that without my protest. When we played girl and-boy-hunting out on the playground, I loved to chase him and he me. Until one day I said to Robert before we were going home that I heart him. Well, he said as he put on his backpack Solomon and so he ran away to his waiting male friends.

After that Robert did not pull my hair. He did not chased me, not even during our games anymore. Even so, I thought nothing of his reaction. I was probably too young to analyze the whole thing apart. But one afternoon during break, Roberts big brother came with some tough guy friends at the playground. We girls jumped rope as he called out asking who heart his little brother! The moment he said it, I was just as petrified. My heart was beating like crazy and my cheeks were becoming increasingly redder. Who among you is she, he said and laughed. When he declared that she did wear glasses I was about to die of shame. Just when I thought the race was run the bell rang and everyone rushed in again. That's what I did with glowing cheeks.

Pre-school year went by and I forgot about the whole thing. I started first grade at another school and got new classmates. At our graduation, it was decided that we would celebrate with another school. So, when I sit on the bench with my nice new pink clothes that mom sewed and freshly picked flowers in my hands so I suddenly hear someone shouting, Linda! Lindaaaaaaaa! and when I turned around to see who it is, so I saw Robert's happy face. I was sinking through the earth. I mumbled a quiet hello and stared at the ground. Blushing.

Right after that my grandfather said to me that I should look into the camera and Click! there you have the image in post. A seven-years old  Linda who just wants to disappear from the earth's surface, as she has just suffered her first love.

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