Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Blackberries, the ones you eat

There is a lot of blackberries right now in the countryside of Sweden where I live. Really nice. I wonder what I can do with it ... jam, juice and pies. Delicious!
In swedish this berries are called 'Björnbär'. That means Bearberries. Kind of funny I think. But I would not like to face an angry bear who thinks I steal his food. Imagine that.


  1. Hello! I found your blog yesterday while just surfing around. Came back today and surprise! you are posting about Blackberries and the things you will make for them this season. Odd, because I too today ( rather yesterday as it is 12:35 a.m. now ) posted about the Blackberries in my region!

    And because I live in a rural community I do indeed have to worry about facing bears while out berry picking! :)

    Lovely photo of the berries!

  2. Thank you Colleen for your comment. I have written an answer in your blog.

    Bloglove ♥