Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Running up that hill

Life feels a bit fragile at the moment. My father is noticeably more tired now, during his chemo treatments and I am concerned. He was diagnosed with cancer this summer in the bowel and liver. On monday he will have the first of two operations and I´m so nervous. My whole heart wishes that he will fix this. I am not prepared to say goodbye now. It is far too early. He is only 60 years old and still working. We have in recent years found each other, on one of those nice way. We can sit and talk about everything over a cup of coffee and hours can go. These moments are the best things I know.


  1. So very sorry you have to go through wicked crap Linda. And your Dad too, of course!

    Best wishes and hugs from BC Canada on this journey. On Monday I will be sending positive thoughts to both of you. (((((hug))))

  2. Thank you Colleen with all my heart ♥

  3. I'm going to say a prayer for you and your dad and family. He is young. Lots of positive thoughts. I'm not a dr. though Ive read a bunch about sticking to a green food diet. No sugars or anything acidic.

    Lots of healthy prayers for your dad. One thing you may want to think about doing is downloading a bunch of music and cds that are about healing and healing sounds and ask him if he'll listen to them. The body is amazing at healing itself.

    Sorry for so much though what I will do is pray for your dad and hold a healthy spot for him in my mind for near future.