Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Day 11 – A house

The best thing I ever knew was when my grandfather had hidden the contents of a candybag in the bushes in the garden of our countrycottage, where we used to live in the summer. Or when me and my grandmother went our walking in the woods looking for mushrooms and beautiful flowers. Sometimes she stumbled and then she would always say -Oooopsidaisy!, loud and then I used to laugh. Even today I say the same thing when I stumble or so.

I will never forget our lovely family dinners in this pretty small countryhouse. Once lightning struck down in our cottage during a family dinner. It hissed and flashed leaving a huge burn mark on the wallpaper. The thunder that came at the same moment, almost lifted the whole house up in the air. I sat in daddy's lap and my legs were shaking with fear. Grandpa got up with a pale and frightened face and said with trembling voice: - Dear family! Now we are taking it easy. (So much my grandfather).

The cottage in the picture was the family's favorite spot and I have so many wonderful memories from there.

I used to sit in the outhouse and philosophizng with the door open. My family thought it was so humorous and they immortalized it in a photo.


  1. Great post:) Beautiful photos!!
    p.s. I have nominated your blog for the " One Lovely Blog Award"
    Best wishes!!

  2. Ohhhh what sweet sweet memories!. I especially like the one with you and your Grandmother "oopsa daisy". I have said that for as long as I can remember. Can't remember where I heard it though!

    That photo of you on the outhouse is absolutely hysterical! LOL!