Friday, 19 August 2011

A tribute to Joan

I don´t want a world where people call Christina Hendricks who plays Joan Holloway in Mad Men for a big woman. But they do. All the time. However, there is another large camp that celebrates her body. I am one of them.
Because I can not help feeling a great relief to see a woman that draws larger sizes than size zero. For they are often banned from television and newspapers.


But I also focuses on Christina's body - which in a sense is a rejection of society and the media. Cause had actors like Joan been a regular on TV I probably haven´t noticed that. This is about habit, of course.

Today we believe that most HM models are slim. They are not. They are underweight (if you look at their body mass index). Had one of them appeared on television in the fifties I garantee that people had been talking about them. But we have gotten used to this underwights bodies to the point that we believe strongly underweight people is just a bit skinny.

I'm not saying it is wrong to be thin, or that all underweight are starving themselves or that they are ugly. I think there are many women who naturally end up low on the BMI scale that are beautiful and they should not have to take any crap for how they look. But we also need more women like Joan on the television screen.

Because if we will see more women that draws larger sizes, you may narrow the skinnypanic, and those feelings of injustice diminishes. It is not right that curvy women is rejected like that.


  1. She is a LADY!!! Love her hair color

  2. Oh my gosh, she is amazingly beautiful. I am so NOT a *girly-girl*, I live in T-shirts and jeans, but that lilac dress is making me feel all girly girl!

    Another aspect of Movies/TV/Film that bugs me are the *beautiful* people everywhere. The TV show "Roseanne" broke through that mold, fleetingly, with their cast of kids and adults. But it started and stopped with that one show.

    Damn it! Give me average and everyday people!

  3. I totally agree. Christina Hendricks' figure should be celebrate.

  4. I can truly appreciate a voluptuous figure. Great post! I apologize for taking so long but you do have a new follower ;)

    The Other Coco Chanel