Friday, 12 August 2011

Day 09 – Your beliefs

I believe in love. And quantum physics. What goes around comes around.

When I was younger I wondered why all too often happened to me. In particular, I focused on all the negative events and experiences such as divorce, relationship problems and other troubles. Added another problem as I had only evidence of my negative theory, see! everything is just shit what ever I do! It made me depressed and sad too often, and above all, it took an enormous amount of my energy.

Now that I am thirty-four years old, I am more grateful than ever about all that happened to me over the years, good and bad. I'm trying to think of it as that I never had been enriched with all the life skills I carry on today, even though if I had to fight my way through some parts of my life. Fighting create gratitude, awareness and humility for myself and the people around me might be just as they are for a reason that I might not have a clue of before.

In the future it is important to never forget that. That it´s through my greatest trials I developed most as a human being. May I never forget this. I choose to see life in that way everything happens for a reason. For that life will get better and that I should learn more about myself and thus also become more humble towards my fellow human beings.

In my book called God wears lipstick, there is a sense that I try to live by every day:

"Never expect anything from anyone before you Have given it yourself."

Never expect anything in life unless you are willing to first give it yourself. Positive begets positive and negative begets negative. There we have the essence of quantum physics.


  1. wow! I really like this post! and I agree with everything!

  2. How nice that you appreciated this Sophie!

  3. Thank x your commnent!

    Yes my bikini-top seems like a Missoni print, I love it!!