Tuesday, 23 August 2011

IKEA 2012

We know that fall is here when the new IKEA catalog arrives in the mailbox. Lovely! I need to add some stuff at home so ít´s perfect.
Did you know that IKEA is a swedish company?


  1. Just got mine too...absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Ikea!!!

    PS. thx for your sweet comment on my blog doll and of course I'm following you back too now. Also liked your Facebook page and hope you can do the same with mine. Don't have the like button but could be added as friend :)


    <3 Marina

  2. Oh how I LOVE to see the Ikea catalog in my postbox!! Mine hasn't arrived yet, but then I haven't gone to pick up mail in about 2 weeks. I better get my arse there and see if it's there!

    Along with 2 seed catalogs during the winter, the Ikea one is dog eared within a few weeks.

    Hope you're enjoying your day Linda!