Thursday, 4 August 2011

Day 06 – Your best friend

Soulmate is probably a better word for best friend. Or why not in Swedish, twin soul. Someone who understands what you say before you even said so. Someone who comforts you when you need it. Someone who says you will do just as you are. Someone to laugh with when life feels like hell.

I have been wondering for a couple of days on my best friend. It has really evolved over who is my best friend. Had you asked me when I was nine years old with braces, I had told Linda E because she was so kind and sweet. Would you have asked me when I was nineteen, I'd say, Karen. This crazy Icelandic girl who was my complete opposite, loud, impulsive and redhead. If you asked me like that eight years ago, I probably answered my husband as I was then married, and this summer I had no doubt mention my dog ​​Charlie as my best friend. In other words, it has varied over the years.

Today I have learned one thing and that is to be glued to those who may concern, proving, lift me up. I collect people who do not disappear even when the wind is blowing. They are the ones who remains that means everything. When I was a bit lost in life for a few years ago, a male friend stodd by my side, that means a lot to me. Although we are very different so there he remained with me and listened to me many tear-drenched nights through. I am so grateful for him and he keeps me hard in.

There are also a handful of friends around me that I hold dear. The wonderful thing about them is enough that you can always call and talk to or meet at any time. and then no debt-laden issues - Well, that was indeed long time since we heard from you .. etc.

Since next year will mean a lot of changes in my life when I start a new job and hopefully in the course in Stockholm next fall so I'm looking forward to seeing more exciting new people and forge new ties as well as revisit some old contacts there up.

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